Yūhigaura-Kitsu-onsen Station

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Yūhigaura-Kitsu-onsen Station
Kitsuonsen Station.jpg
Kitsuonsen Station placard, October 2008
Location Kyōtango, Kyoto
Coordinates 35°39′0.14″N 134°58′21.17″E / 35.6500389°N 134.9725472°E / 35.6500389; 134.9725472Coordinates: 35°39′0.14″N 134°58′21.17″E / 35.6500389°N 134.9725472°E / 35.6500389; 134.9725472
Operated by Willer Trains
Line(s) Miyatoyo Line (Miyazu Line)
Previous names Kitsuonsen (until 2015)

Yūhigaura-Kitsu-onsen Station (夕日ヶ浦木津温泉駅 Yūhigaurakitsuonsen-eki?) is a railway station in Kyōtango, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.



There is only one track running through this station. The station has a waiting room and a unisex bathroom with urinals that are completely visible to the street through a glass window.

Adjacent stations[edit]

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