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Klein Associates Inc. is the company founded by Dr. Gary A. Klein to apply his research on decision-making in naturalistic settings. On September 2, 2005, Klein Associates was acquired by Applied Research Associates, a New Mexico-based firm that develops engineering solutions for private and public sector clients. Dr. Klein remains associated with the firm as Chief Scientist.

Consulting in naturalistic decision making[edit]

Klein associates is known for developing and applying its own approach to cognitive task analysis.[1] Its approach is informed by the recognition primed decision model. This view of decision making in the real-world has led to developing models of several aspects of human cognition including: Problem Detection, Mental Simulation, Advanced Team Decision Making, and Dynamic Replanning.

Klein Associates is a participant in Team ISX to develop a knowledge engineering system for Vulcan Ventures-funded Project Halo.


The Naturalistic Decision Making approach championed by Gary Klein and Klein Associates challenges the views of decision making taken by Nobelist Daniel Kahneman, with other experts, like Roy Beach taking positions straddling Klein's and Kahneman's.

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