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The Knill Baronetcy, of The Grove in Blackheath in the County of Kent, is a title in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom. It was created on 11 August 1893 for Stuart Knill. He was head of John Knill and Co, wharfingers. His son, the 2nd Baronet, served as the first Roman Catholic Lord Mayor of London (from 1892–93).[1] The 3rd Baronet was Lord Mayor of London (from 1909–10).

Knill baronets, of The Grove (1893)[edit]

  • Sir Stuart Knill, 1st Baronet (1824–1898)[2]
  • Sir (John) Stuart Knill, 2nd Baronet (1856–1934)[3]
  • Sir Ian Stuart-Knill, 3rd Baronet (1886–1973)[4]
  • Sir John Kenelm Stuart Knill, 4th Baronet (1913–1998)[5]
  • Sir Thomas John Pugin Bartholomew Knill, 5th Baronet (born 1952)[6]



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