Knoxville, Cumberland Gap and Louisville Railroad

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Knoxville, Cumberland Gap and Louisville Railroad (1888–1889) was a railroad which went across the U.S. state of Tennessee and into Kentucky. It was built in the late 1880s and used for industrial purposes.

The railroad began as the Powell's Valley Railway, chartered in Tennessee July 24, 1896, to build a railroad line from Knoxville Tennessee to Cumberland Gap, Tennessee. In 1887 the name was changed to the Powell's Valley Railroad.

In 1889 the Powell's Valley Railroad again changed its name, to the Knoxville, Cumberland Gap & Louisville Railroad. Soon after, in 1889, the KCG&L completed construction on its line between Middlesborough Tennessee and Cumberland Gap, including a tunnel under Cumberland Gap.

In 1895, the Knoxville, Cumberland Gap and Louisville Railroad was sold and reorganized as the Knoxville, Cumberland Gap and Louisville Railway.

In 1896, the Louisville and Nashville Railroad took possession of the KCG&LRY and abandoned much of its trackage. Later that same year, the L&N acquired the Middlesborough Railroad in order to provide a company to lease certain property to the KCG&LRY, specifically much of the remaining trackage from the L&N connection with the KCG&L in Tennessee to the station in Middlesborough, a total of 4.342 miles, for 99 years.

In 1902, the Atlantic Coast Line acquired the L&N.

In 1960, the Seaboard Coast Line, owner of the ACL, merged with the Chessie System to form CSX Transportation.