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For the Taiwanese activist with the same Chinese-language name, see Peter Huang.

Kō Bunyū (Chinese: 黃文雄; Pinyin: Huáng Wén Xióng; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: N̂g Bûn-hiông; Japanese: 黄文雄, Kō Bun'yū; born 1938) is a controversial Taiwanese author, now resident in Japan, who is well known for his staunch anti-Mainland Chinese stance and for penning a number of highly controversial books about Chinese, Japanese and Korean history and culture.[1]

Kō has been accused of being a revisionist and a nationalist, and has been accused of playing down Japanese war crimes against China and Korea. His works often claim that Taiwan and Korea owe their present-day successes, and much of their culture, to Japan.

Books by Kō[edit]

  • The ugly Chinaman (Japanese: 醜い中国人; Minikui Chūgoku-jin)
  • The fabricated history of Japan (捏造された日本史; Netsuzō sareta Nihon-shi)
  • Japan - falling into the trap of Sinocentrism (中華思想の罠に嵌った日本; Chūka shisō no wana ni hamatta Nihon)
  • The Japanese people's virtue which has been erased from history - About this country's "Inheritance of the Spirit" which is now being revived (歴史から消された日本人の美徳―今蘇るこの国の“心の遺産”とは; Rekishi kara kesareta Nihon-jin no bitoku - Ima yomigaeru kono kuni no "kokoro no isan" to wa)
  • The curse of Sinocentrism lurking within Chinese character culture (漢字文明にひそむ中華思想の呪縛; Kanji bunmei ni hisomu Chūka shisō no jubaku)
  • South Korea was built by the Japanese (韓国は日本人がつくった; Kankoku wa Nihon-jin ga tsukutta)
  • Taiwan was built by the Japanese people (台湾は日本人がつくった; Taiwan wa Nihon-jin ga tsukutta)
  • The Bushido spirit bequeathed to Taiwan by the Japanese people (日本人が台湾に遺した武士道精神; Nihon-jin ga Taiwan ni nokoshita Bushidō seishin)
  • The unknown truth about the Second Sino-Japanese War (日中戦争知られざる真実; Nicchū Sensō no shirarezaru shinjitsu)
  • The inheritance of Manchukuo (満州国の遺産; Manshūkoku no isan)[2]
  • 'How the Chinese are taking advantage of Japanese confusion (つけあがるな中国人うろたえるな日本人; Tsukeagaru na Chūgoku-jin urotaeru na Nihon-jin)
  • How far will China continue to crack? (どこまで中国に喰われ続けるのか; Doko made Chūgoku ni kuware-tsuzukeru no ka)
  • 7 reasons why China cannot prevail over Japan even if it dies trying (中国が死んでも日本に勝てない7つの理由; Chūgoku ga shinde mo Nihon ni katenai nanatsu no riyū)

Kō also provided the script for the manga An Introduction to China: A Study of Our Bothersome Neighbors (マンガ中国入門 やっかいな隣人の研究; Manga Chūgoku nyūmon: Yakkai na rinjin no kenkyū), which displayed all of the traits that he has been accused of above.

Kō is currently a professor at Takushoku University.

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