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The Kohs Block test, also known as the Kohs Block Design Test,[1] is a performance test designed to be an IQ test. The test taker must, using 16 colored cubes, replicate the patterns displayed on a series of test cards. The design of the test was motivated by a belief that the test could easily be administered to persons with language or hearing disabilities.[1]


The test was developed in 1920 by psychologist Samuel C. Kohs(1890 – 1984), a student of Lewis Terman,[2] building on earlier and similar designs (such as Francis N. Maxfield's Color Cube Test).[3]

Kohs described the 1920s version of the test as a series of 17 cards which increase in complexity as the test progressed.[4] Test takers replicated the designs with painted blocks (each side was a single color or two colors divided by a diagonal line).[4] The initial scores were based on completion time and number of moves.[5] Hutt amended the scoring method to only score completion time.[5] The test was given to both children and adults.[4]

As early as the 1930s, the Kohs Block Test was administered at the Ohio School for the Deaf,[6] and at other schools with special needs students.

The Kohs Block Design Test has been adapted into sections in several current IQ tests.[7] The Kohs test now has little clinical use in its original form.

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