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Kol Yaakov Torah Center was an Orthodox yeshiva in Monsey, New York established to prepare students for a Haredi lifestyle and for positions of leadership in the Jewish community. The school closed in 2009 after the resignation of then Rosh Yeshiva (dean) Rabbi Leib Tropper. The building is now occupied by Yeshiva Mercaz HaTorah.


The educational program of Kol Yaakov followed the Lithuanian style, focusing on Talmud study. There were four educational programs divided according to the ability level of the students.

Educational Programs[edit]

Preparatory Program[edit]

The Mechina ("preparatory program"), was designed for students with less familiarity with Hebrew language and textual study. The program offers basic skills in the study of Hebrew Language, Talmud, Hebrew Bible, Prophets and Jewish law.

Undergraduate Program[edit]

The Beth Midrash (undergraduate program), was designed for students seeking an intensive course of study in Talmud, Tanakh, Jewish law and Jewish ethics leading to a Bachelor of Talmudic Law (BTL) degree.

Graduate Program[edit]

The kollel (graduate Program) was designed for students who have completed the Beth Midrash program, to research specific areas of Talmud, Jewish Law and Rabbinic Literature.

The Rabbinic Program[edit]

The Bais Achiezer Rabbinic Program was designed for students seeking an advanced program leading to rabbinic ordination (semicha) and a Master of Rabbinic Studies (MRb) degree. Students in this program are trained in practical Rabbinics with a particular focus on Keruv (outreach). The rabbinic program also encompasses the traditional Semicha curriculum including advanced textual analysis of Talmud, Shulkhan Arukh (Code of Jewish Law), Jewish ethics and Rabbinic literature.


KOL YAAKOV TORAH CENTER received accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of The Association of Advanced Rabbinical and Talmudic Schools (AARTS) and received recognition from the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and United States Department of Education.

Mission statement[edit]

KOL YAAKOV TORAH CENTER seeks to train students in the skills required for understanding, studying and mastering the Talmud and the considerable body of traditional Jewish thought. At the same time we are committed to the understanding that knowledge is a means to a larger end. We seek therefore to help students build a world outlook drawn from the ethical and moral concepts of Judaism. If scholarship is to have a significant value it must orient its students to a way of life that, by its own definition, is good and moral.


The Yeshiva was founded in 1981 by Rabbi Avrohom Gershon Tress zt"l and Rabbi Leib Tropper. As a post-secondary institution, Kol Yaakov incorporated undergraduate and graduate level programs leading to rabbinical ordination, as well as bachelor's and master's degrees in rabbinic studies.

Notable Faculty[edit]

Notable faculty members have included Rabbi Moshe Bernstein zt"l, Rabbi Dovid Charlop, Rabbi Mattis Roberts, Rabbi Yehuda Schwab zt"l, Rabbi Dovid Stefansky, Rabbi Moshe Raice, Rabbi Avrohom Gershon Tress zt"l, Rabbi Mendel Tress, Rabbi Leib Tropper and Rabbi Dovid Wolpin.


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