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The main building of Komercijalna banka at night

Komercijalna banka Skopje (Macedonian Cyrillic: Комерцијална банка Скопје) was established in 1955 as Komunalna Banka (Комунална Банка) of the city of Skopje and was specialized for approving housing loans and financing construction operations. Since 1955, it has gone through several transformations characteristic for the banking system of the region.

On January 1, 1990, the Bank became independent through its transformation into a joint stock company under the name Komercijalna Banka A.D. Skopje. .

Today Komercijalna Banka A.D. Skopje is a universal bank licensed for performing all types of banking operations, combining the functions of commercial banking, savings deposits and investments, as well as banking services provided to the citizens and enterprises in the domain of domestic and international payment operations.

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