Konchem Koththaga

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Konchem Koththaga
Directed byRaju Rajendra Prasad
Produced bySatish and Abraham
Written byRaju Rajendra Prasad
Tulip Joshi,
Ashish Vidyarthi,
Johnny Lever
Music byRaju Rao
CinematographyArun Kumar
Edited byAnirudra Reddy C
Release date
  • 28 June 2008 (2008-06-28)
Budget10 crores

Konchem Koththaga is a 2008 Telugu film directed, written by Raju Rajendra Prasad. Venkat plays the lead role while Ali, Tulip Joshi, Ashish Vidyarthi and Johnny Lever play other roles.


A girl (Tulip Joshi) lives in a bungalow. She spends time reading News Paper, magazines and solving puzzles. She listens to some noise in the house but finds no one. She feels she is alone. But she is not. There is another man in the house (Venkat). He too feels the same. He feels he is alone in that bungalow but not. He listens to some noises but never faces the girl. Meanwhile, a thief comes into the bungalow. Then in an attempt to catch the thief, both the man and girl happen to see each other. Then a police cop enters the house. The secret relating to a couple of murders in the bungalow sees light. What are those murders? Who are murderers? Who are the girl and man? That has to be watched on screen.



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