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Koornmarkt town gate by night
General information
TypeCity gate
Architectural stylemilitary fortification
LocationKampen, Overijssel
AddressIJsselkade 1
CoordinatesCoordinates: 52°33′19″N 4°55′17″E / 52.55528°N 4.92139°E / 52.55528; 4.92139
Completed14th century
OwnerGemeente Kampen

The Koornmarktspoort is city gate in Kampen, Overijssel, the Netherlands. It was originally part of the city wall and is the oldest of the Kampen city gates.


The central block and gate are fourteenth century and the two towers facing the river are probably from a later date.[1] The rear of the building opens on the Koornmarkt (wheat market square), and the front faces the river IJssel.


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