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The Korean Basketball League Ethnic Draft was first established in 2009 to give mixed blood Korean basketball players of foreign nationality a chance to play in the KBL without being counted as foreigners. The first draft was held on Feb.3rd, 2009 and it resulted in five out of seven applicants being picked. The following year, another draft was held but only one player was selected.


Each team is allowed to have only one player from the ethnic draft at any given time. The drafted players can play a maximum of three years with the KBL team that drafted them.

2009 Picks[edit]

1st pick= Tony Akins (Chon Tae Poong) Team: Jeonju KCC Egis

2nd pick= Eric Sandrin (Lee Seung-Jun) Team:Seoul Samsung Thunders

3rd pick= Greg Stevenson (Moon Tae Young) Team: Changwon LG Sakers

4th pick= Kevin Mitchell (Won Ha Jun) Team: KT&G Kites

5th pick= Chris Vann (Park Tae Yang) Team: Busan KT Sonicboom

2010 picks[edit]

1st Pick= Jarod Stevenson (Moon Tae-Jong Team: Incheon ET Land Elephants

2011 draft[edit]

The third Ethnic Draft was held on Jan.31st, 2011. However, none of the eligible candidates were picked. Adrian Scott, Larry Boyd, Joseph Fontenot, and Anthony Gallagher were the eligible players.


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