Krishna Ni Begane Baaro

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Krishna Nee Begane Baro is a famous classical song in Kannada language. It is composed in Raga Yamuna Kalyani by Vyasatirtha. The Tala is Misra chapu (also usually referred as chapu).[1]


Vyasaraya Tirtha or Vyasatirtha (1460–1539) (also known as Vyasaraja, Vyasaraayaru), a Haridasa, was born at Bannur in the Mysore District of Karnataka state. He is regarded as one of the foremost dialecticians in the history of Indian philosophy. He belonged to the Dvaita school of Madhvacharya. He along with Jayatirtha, helped in systematizing Dvaita into an established school of Vedic thought. Vyasatirtha's genius lay in his clear understanding and exposition of all his opposing schools of thought, for which even his opponents admired him. He was a master at debate and dialogue in logic and philosophy.


The text of the lyric of the song has several versions with minor changes in the words. This happened because many of the Carnatic musicians who propagated the song did not have knowledge of Kannada. A popular version of this famous Kriti of Vyasaraya is given here.


krishNA nI bEgane bArO.


bEganE bArO mukhavannE tOrO. (krishNA nI bEganE bArO).


kAlalandigE gejjE, neelada bAvuli; neelavarNane nATyavanADuta bArO. (krishNA nI bEganE bArO).

Udiyalli udigejje, beraLalli ungura; koraLollu haakida vaijayantiya maalE (krishNA née bEganE bArO)

kASi pItAmbara, kaiyalli koLalu pUsida shreegandha mayyOLagamma! (krishNA nI bEganE bArO).

tAyigE bAyalli jagavannu thorida; jagadOddhAraka namma uDupi ShrI krishNa..... (krishNA nI bEganE bArO).


Pallavi: Krishna! Come Quickly!

Anupallavi: Come quickly and show [Your] face.


1: [With]Anklets on the feet, [and] blue-sapphire bracelets, [O!]Blue-hued One, come to dance. (Krishna! Come Quickly!)

2: On the waist, the waistband; on the finger[s], the ring[s];[and] the neck adorned with the Vaijayanti garland*. (Krishna! Come Quickly!)

3: Dressed in yellow Kashi [Silk], flute in hand, and [with] the anointed sandal scent from the body. (Krishna! Come Quickly!)

4: The One who showed the world in the mouth to the mother, the upholder of the world! our [own] Udupi Shri Krishna! (Krishna! Come Quickly!)

  • Vaijayanti garland is the divine Vaishnava necklace of five gems: pearl, ruby, emerald, sapphire and diamond.


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