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Kulturværftet culture yard.jpg
Established 2010
Location Helsingør, Denmark
Type Culture
Public transit access Helsingør station
Website www.kulturvaerftet.dk

Kulturværftet (The Culture Yard in English) is a cultural centre located in Helsingør, Denmark.

The center was established in 2010 in the buildings from the former Helsingør Værft or Elsinore Shipyard. Kulturværftet is a part of Kulturhavn Kronborg whats is the culmination of the ambits project by Helsingør to leave the industrial era behind and enter a new chapter for the town.

Kulturhavn Kronborg is an effort to offer a variety of culture experiences to resistance and visitors to Helsingør. Kulturhavn Kronborg is a joint initiative[1] by Kronborg Castle, Danish Maritime Museum, Kulturværftet and Helsingør harbour.

Clickfestival at The Culture Yard

Kulturværftet consist of 13,000 square metre space dedicated to concerts, theatre, performance, events and exhibitions.

Recent notable events : Hosting of the annual Clickfestival.[2] Hosting of the The INDEX: Award Ceremony[3] The design prize is rewards the world’s best “Design to Improve Life”


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