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Kumbara Gowdas are a community of people residing in Karnataka. They are among the oldest communities and inhabitants of Karnataka. Their profession in old days was that of making pottery. In the recent years like many other communities they have abandoned their age old profession. Each village had a pot maker in old days, and Kumbara Gowdas form a large proportion of rural folk. But they lack political representation like the majority of politically backward castes today. The life, sincerity and devotion of Kumbara Gowdas is portrayed in the movie "Baktha Kumbara" about the legendary potmaker and devotee of lord Vittala. They signify the importance of each group of people for the functioning of the village contributing their bit, which made each village self-sufficient and hence a mini republic.

Some of the great devotees of kumbara are as follows: Shalivahana Sarvagna of Karnataka, Tiruneelakantar of Tamil Nadu, Bhakta Ghora Kumbara, Srihari Bhaktaraka Kumbara of Maharashtra. People must have been enjoying reading the sarvagna vachana.

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