Küngöy Ala-Too Range

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Kyungey Ala-Too
Күңгөй Ала-Тоо in Kyrgyz
Kyrgyzstan Mounts Kungey Ala Too 001.jpg
Kyungey Ala-Too near Bostery village
Highest point
Peak Chok-Tal Peak
Elevation 4,771 m (15,653 ft)
Length 280 km (170 mi) E-W
Width 32 km (20 mi) N-S
Etymology in Kyrgyz and Kazakh meaning "adret mottled mountains"
Countries Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan
State/Province Issyk Kul Province

The Küngöy Ala-Too (Kyrgyz: Күңгөй Ала-Тоо, [küŋgöj alatoː]), also spelled Kyungei Alatoo, Kungey Ala-Too, and Kungey Alatau, is a range in the North Tien-Shan. Its length is about 280 km and it stretches from Boom Gorge to Kegen - Karkyrin valley. The highest point of the range is Peak Chok Tal (4770 m).[1]


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Coordinates: 42°46′34″N 76°41′24″E / 42.7762°N 76.6900°E / 42.7762; 76.6900