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Kuopio Seniorhigh of Music and Dance (Finnish: Kuopion yhteiskoulun musiikkilukio) is a specialized high school for music and dance which was founded in 1968. The dance curriculum was started in 1983. Kuopio Seniorhigh of Music and Dance is the first specialized senior high of Finnish high schools, which specialized in music and dance. The school gained its present name in 1995.

Naturally students can get the standard Finnish upper secondary school education in preparation for the matriculation examination, including mathematics, languages, sciences, history etc. The music curriculum gives insights into Music Theory and Music History, as well as instrumental/group/orchestra/choir work. Dancers have the choice of taking classical ballet classes as well as modern dance. Kuopio Seniorhigh of Music and Dance has approximately 230 students, about half of them coming from outside Kuopio.

Associated schools[edit]

Close cooperation with nearby Kuopio Conservatoire gives the students greater chances to study there. The classes completed in the conservatory or in the high school are valid in both institutions when applicable, and thus they can be counted among the necessary 75 classes for the completion of the upper secondary school. At least 12 of 75 classes must be music or dance classes.

The school also cooperates with Kuopio Conservatoire, Sibelius Academy's Kuopio unit and Petrozavodsk's Art School number 1. Senior high is one part of unique education chain of music, which goes all the way from kindergarten to Doctor's qualification.

Artist of the Year[edit]

Artist of the Year is a diploma awarded every year to one former student who has made a great public career. The student must have attended the Kuopio Seniorhigh of Music and Dance and must have taken the Matriculation Examination there in order to be eligible.

The Artists of the Year:

Other former students of Kuopio Seniorhigh of Music and Dance[edit]

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