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Italian theatrical release poster
Directed byNello Rossati
Written byClaudia Florio
Nello Rossati
Produced byCarlo Ponti
StarringUrsula Andress
Duilio Del Prete
Jack Palance
Luciana Paluzzi
CinematographyEnnio Guarnieri
Music byGianfranco Plenizio
Distributed byInterfilm Italia
Mid Broadway United States-1979
Release date
  • 1975 (1975)
Running time
105 minutes

L'Infermiera is a 1975 commedia sexy all'italiana film starring Ursula Andress, Jack Palance and Luciana Paluzzi, also known by the titles I Will If You Will, The Nurse, The Sensuous Nurse and The Secrets of a Sensuous Nurse.


As an aging widower begins suffering from heart trouble, his greedy heirs hope to speed him on his way by hiring a seductive nurse (Andress) to get his pulse racing. Their plan eventually backfires as the young beauty begins to fall in love with the old man.

An aging widower who owns successful winery, Leonida Bottacin, has a severe heart attack during a sexual liaison with another man's wife. Leonida's relatives hope to inherit the winery to sell it to American business interests. On learning from the physician that a second heart attack will be fatal, Leonida's son-in-law Benito hires his ex-girlfriend Anna, a very attractive nurse, to attend to Leonida. Benito hopes that Leonida will be sufficiently excited by Anna's beauty and sensuality to suffer a deadly heart attack.

Despite Benito's plans, Anna takes excellent care of Leonida and eventually falls in love with him. Eventually Leonida recovers and marries Anna, crushing the hopes of his relatives for a quick inheritance. To protect her new husband's health, Anna plans for a celibate marriage. However, Leonida insists on having sex on their honeymoon and dies as a result. Anna inherits his assets and uses part of her husband's fortune to provide him with a grand funeral.


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