La sceriffa

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La sceriffa
La sceriffa.jpg
Directed by Roberto Bianchi Montero
Produced by Guido Paolucci
Written by Mario Amendola
Cinematography Sergio Pesce
Edited by Ettore Salvi
Release date
16 August 1959
Country Italy
Language Italian

La sceriffa (The Sheriff) is a 1959 Italian Western comedy in black-and-white, directed by Roberto Bianchi Montero.[1] It stars Italian comedy star Ugo Tognazzi. It is considered one of the earliest Spaghetti Western films. It was released on 16 August 1959. The film starred several comedians and spawned a number of western comedies which followed.[2]


A sheriff is killed and his widow (Tina Pica) takes up his job to find the killers.



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