Lactarius longipilus

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Lactarius longipilus
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Basidiomycota
Class: Agaricomycetes
Order: Russulales
Family: Russulaceae
Genus: Lactarius
Species: L. longipilus
Binomial name
Lactarius longipilus
Van de Putte, Le & Verbeken (2010)

Lactarius longipilus is a member of the large milk-cap genus Lactarius in the order Russulales. Found in Chiang Mai Province (northern Thailand), it was described as new to science in 2010. The mushrooms were found at an elevation of 1,300 metres (4,300 ft) growing in a forest dominated by Castanopsis spp., Lithocarpus sp., and Pinus kesiya.[1]

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