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Ladykillers is a 1988 television film, directed by Robert Michael Lewis, and starring Lesley-Anne Down, Marilu Henner Susan Blakely, and Keith David as Abe. The film score was composed by Mark Snow.

The plot of this film is unconnected with The Ladykillers film of 1955 or the 2004 remake of the same name.


The plot has a role reversal theme. Performers in a Los Angeles male strip club are being murdered by an unknown, but female, assailant. Unable to gain a lead, one of the investigating officers, Lt. Cavanaugh (Thomas Calabro), goes undercover as a stripper in an attempt to trap the murderer, but he is almost killed in the process. Through his journey as a male stripper, Lt. Cavanaugh gains a better understanding of his inner self, his emotional side and how his relationships with women tended to be one-sided fetish fests; taking him further down a darkened alley of misfortune.

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