Lake Verevi

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Lake Verevi
Verevi järv
Location Elva, Tartu County, Estonia
Coordinates 58°13′52″N 26°24′20″E / 58.23111°N 26.40556°E / 58.23111; 26.40556Coordinates: 58°13′52″N 26°24′20″E / 58.23111°N 26.40556°E / 58.23111; 26.40556
Type Eutrophic
Primary inflows Käo stream
Primary outflows Kavilda River (to Emajõgi)
Catchment area 110 ha (270 acres)
Basin countries Estonia
Max. length 950 m (3,120 ft)
Max. width 320 m (1,050 ft)
Surface area 11.7 ha (29 acres)
Average depth 3.6 m (12 ft)
Max. depth 11 m (36 ft)
Water volume 453,600 m3 (367.7 acre·ft)
Shore length1 2.760 km (1.7 mi)
Surface elevation 49 m (161 ft)
Settlements Elva
References [1]
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Lake Verevi (Estonian: Verevi järv; also known as Lake Elva or Elva Suurjärv) is a 11.7 ha (29 acres) lake located on the western side of the town of Elva in southern Estonia.[1]

There is one main dock, that has two slides (a red one and a blue one), side-by-side. The big dock has an enclosed area used specifically for swimming. There is a smaller dock about 40 ft. out, that has two diving boards. Nearby there is a life guard house, where you can get First-Aid, or other necessities. There is a lot of tourist attraction during the summer time, with its beautiful area and surrounding forests.[citation needed]

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