Lambertseter Stadion

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Lambertseter stadion
Outside Lambertseter Stadium
Location Lambertseter, Oslo
Capacity c. 2000, standing only
Field size 112 * 72 yards
Surface Grass
Manglerud Star (football)
Lambertseter IF (track and field)

Lambertseter stadion is a multi-purpose stadium in the Oslo borough of Nordstrand. It is currently used by the football team Manglerud Star for their home games.

The pitch surrounded by a running track, Lambertseter stadion was used as the main track and field stadium in Oslo meanwhile Bislett stadion was renovated in 2004.

The stadium has a small clubhouse/changing area, and some good floodlights. There is no seating, and only a small area of terracing along one side of the ground.


Coordinates: 59°52′17.26″N 10°49′9.02″E / 59.8714611°N 10.8191722°E / 59.8714611; 10.8191722