Lambretta SX200

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Lambretta SX200
Lambretta SX200 1967 - Flickr - mick - Lumix.jpg
Manufacturer Lambretta
Production 1966–69
Class Scooter
Engine 200 cc, two-stroke, single cylinder
Top speed 66 mph (106 km/h)[1]
Power 11 hp (8 kW; 11 PS)[1]
Fuel consumption 93 mpg‑imp (3.0 L/100 km; 77 mpg‑US)
Related Lambretta SX150[1]

The Lambretta SX200, or SpecialX200, was Lambretta's top-of-the line scooter, with 20,783 units produced from January 1966 – January 1969.[1]

The SX200 superseded the TV200 as a more reliable 200 cc scooter designed for the world market,[1] but was released at a time when scooter sales, and motorcycle sales in general, were starting to dwindle.[2] The SX benefited from its ability to be tuned for more speed and power, thus making it a favourite with the then-burgeoning scooter racing scene in the UK.[3] Many dealer specials were produced, based on the SX200, including the Arthur Francis "S-Type",[4] Supertune "Rallye",[5] and the Rafferty Newman "Wildcat".[6]

In Italy the SX200 was only available in one colour: white with an ox blood red seat.[1] British models were offered with either blue, black, green, gold, purple or red panelling, whilst other export models offered a choice of seat covering colours, namely green, dark blue and light blue.[1] It also came in a smaller, 150 cc, version, the SX150, of which 31,238 units were built.[1]


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