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Genre Jam band music
Location(s) Florida
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Langerado Music Festival was an annual music festival, taking place in early spring in South Florida, first organized in 2003[1] by Ethan Schwartz[2] In 2008 the festival was held at the Seminole Big Cypress Indian Reservation in the Everglades.[2] The festival featured primarily music of the jamband genre,[3] but also offered a wide selection of other musical styles and traditionally offered a stage for local bands, as well.

In 2009 the festival was to be moved to Miami, but on February 3, 2009, it was announced that Langerado 2009 would be canceled due to sluggish ticket sales resulting from the poor choice of locations and mediocre lineup.

On March 8, 2011 it was announced to members of the festival's mailing list that Langerado 2011 was to be relaunched by C3 Presents and Boros Entertainment and would take place at South Florida's Markham Park on October 8 and 9, 2011.

On June 1, 2011 tickets went on sale for the 2011 festival.[4] Following fan outcry that the festival be returned to Big Cypress, the 2011 festival was cancelled again on September 3, 2011 by Boros Entertainment and C3 Presents due to low ticket sales.

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