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Lapland Air Defence Battalion (Finnish: Lapin Ilmatorjuntapatteristo) is a unit of the Finnish Army located in Rovaniemi.[1] It was founded in 1989 as a brigade-level unit with the name Lapland Air Defence Regiment (Finnish: Lapin ilmatorjuntarykmentti). In 2015, the Regiment became a battalion-level unit and part of the Jaeger Brigade.[2]


Rovaniemi Air Defence Battalion (Rovaniemen Ilmatorjuntapatteristo, RovItPsto)

  • Base Company (Finnish: Tukikohtakomppania
  • 2nd Jaeger Company (Finnish: 2. jääkärikomppania)
  • Air Defence Battery (Finnish: Ilmatorjuntapatteri)

The Base Company trains logistics platoons of varying types. It also trains all the military drivers of the battallion. 2nd Jaeger Company trains personnel and units for swarm-type jaeger battallions. The Air Defence Battery trains air defence units.

The Air Force conscripts with special training such as assistant aircraft mechanician NCOs who serve in Lapland Air Command are administratively part of the Base Company of the Battallion.



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