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{{Infobox_Film |
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name = Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector |
image = Larry the Cable Guy Health Inspector.jpg|
director = [[Trent Cooper]] |
producer = [[Alan C. Blomquist]],<br>[[J.P. Williams]],<br>[[Emily Wolfe]] |
writer = [[Jonathan Bernstein]],<br>[[James Greer]] |
starring = [[Larry the Cable Guy]],<br>[[Iris Bahr]],<br>[[Bruce Bruce]],<br>[[Joanna Cassidy]],<br>[[Brooke Dillman]],<br>[[Tony Hale]],<br>[[David Koechner]],<br>[[Lisa Lampanelli]],<br>[[Megyn Price]],<br>[[Thomas F. Wilson|Tom Wilson]],<br>[[Joe Pantoliano]] |
music = [[Tim P.]]<br>[[Stephen Phillips]] |
cinematography = [[Kim Marks]] |
editing = [[Gregg Featherman]] |
distributor = [[Lions Gate Films]] (theatrical)<br>[[Paramount Pictures#Paramount Home Entertainment|Paramount Home Entertainment]] (DVD) |
released = [[March 24]], [[2006]] |
runtime = 89 min |
language = [[English language|English]] |
imdb_id = 0462395 |
{{Expand|date=August 2008}}
'''''Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector''''' is a [[2006 in film|2006]] film starring American stand-up comedian [[Larry the Cable Guy]]. Larry, a municipal restaurant [[health inspector]], is assigned a new rookie partner after recklessly closing restaurants for code violations, Amy Butlin ([[Iris Bahr]]), by his boss, Bart Tatlock ([[Thomas F. Wilson|Tom Wilson]]). Together, Larry and Amy work to solve a series of food poisonings at four-star restaurants.
The film, which was not screened for critics before its release, was universally panned by critics and avoided by moviegoers alike, garnering a meager $15,680,099 at the American box office. []
It retains a 6% rating from critics at [[Rotten Tomatoes]]. []
Larry the Cable Guy was nominated for a [[Golden Raspberry Award]] for '''Worst Actor''' for his performance.
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