Schönberger-Laumann 1892

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Schönberger-Laumann 1892
TypeSemi-automatic pistol
Place of originAustria-Hungary
Production history
DesignerJoseph Laumann
Feed system5-round internal magazine
SightsIron sights

The Schönberger-Laumann 1892 is regarded by some sources as the first semi-automatic pistol;[1] although its 25 November 1891 Austrian patent was preceded by the 11 July 1891 patent awarded for the Salvator Dormus pistol. Austrian inventor Joseph Laumann modified his 8mm repeating pistol in 1892 to use a blowback actuated self-loading mechanism. The pistol retained the original large cocking lever attached to the underside of the frame in front of the trigger. Approximately thirty-five were manufactured before production ceased when the Austrian military rejected the design in 1896.[2]


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