Lavant (river)

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Muendung der Lavant in die Drau.JPG
Confluence of the Lavant (left) with the Drava
Origin Lavanttal Alps near Sankt Anna am Lavantegg, Styria
Mouth Drava at Lavamünd, Carinthia
Basin countries Austria
Length 64 km (39 mi)
Source elevation 2170 m (7120 ft)
Avg. discharge 12.5 m³/s
Basin area 969 km²

The Lavant (Slovene: Labotnica) is a left tributary of the Drau in the Austrian state of Carinthia. It originates in the small Lavantsee at the southern slope of the Zirbitzkogel mountain in Styria, then turns southeastwards and after 7 miles reaches the border to Carinthia. The river flows through the towns of Bad Sankt Leonhard im Lavanttal, Wolfsberg and Sankt Andrä until it reaches the Drava shortly before it crosses the border to Slovenia.

The name Lavant stems from the Pre-Celtic period, meaning "shining river" in Indo-European.

Coordinates: 46°39′N 14°57′E / 46.650°N 14.950°E / 46.650; 14.950