Lawyers' Day (Odisha)

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Celebration of Lawyers' Day

Lawyers' Day is celebrated across Odisha in India on 28 April every year to commemorate the birth anniversary of Madhusudan Das, a legendary Oriya lawyer of the British era and popularly called Madhu Babu or Madhu Barrister.[1][2] He was the first Oriya law graduate, a legal luminary and a source of inspiration for lawyers in the State. His skill as a lawyer was best manifested in the Puri Mahunta case in which he defended a poor Rayat and got a decree against the mighty defendant. The second famous case is the Lord Jagannath Temple in which case his brilliant advocacy restored the nine year old Yuvraj with all pride. He was the only inspiration to bring the women of the state to enter advocacy. The day is also observed as Swaviman Divas. Many functions including cultural shows are organised by the Bar members throughout the state.[3][4][5][6]