Lazy (album)

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Studio album by The Hot Monkey
Released 1994
Recorded (home recordings) Memphis, Tennessee
Genre Lo-fi, Indie Rock
Length 21:23 (10")
Label Shangri-La Records
Shangri-La 009 (10")
Producer Scott Taylor

Following two 7" singles (one being a split with Linda Heck), Shangri-La Records released the seven song 10" EP, Lazy in 1994. Two years later it would be expanded into More Than Lazy. Like other Hot Monkey releases, Lazy features song elements and lyrics that would later be recorded by the Grifters. For example, the short instrumental "4 Eyes" features the lead guitar riff of Crappin' You Negative's "Cinnamon", and "Steam" would become "Stream" on the Grifters' 1995 single for Derivative Records.

The dead vinyl of Side A is etched with the words, "One Monkey Don't Stop No Show", while Side B carries the words, "Try It On Headphones"

Track listing[edit]

Side A

  1. "Favors" 2:28
  2. "That Certain Thing" 2:34
  3. "4 Eyes" 1:17 (instrumental)
  4. "Steam" 4:38

Side B

  1. "Wheel" 2:24
  2. "Sometimes" 3:40
  3. "Monty Carlo" 4:22

Album information[edit]

Hot Monkey[edit]

  • Scott Taylor - vocals, guitars, bass, drum machine, percussion, keys.