Le Beau Mariage

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Le Beau Mariage
Le Beau Mariage film poster.jpg
Film poster
Directed by Éric Rohmer
Produced by Margaret Ménégoz
Written by Éric Rohmer
Starring Béatrice Romand
André Dussollier
Féodor Atkine
Arielle Dombasle
Music by Ronan Girre
Simon des Innocents
Cinematography Bernard Lutic
Edited by Cécile Decugis
Distributed by Acteurs Auteurs Associés
Release date
19 May 1982
Running time
97 min.
Country France
Language French

Le Beau Mariage (The Good Marriage) is a 1982 French film directed by Éric Rohmer, starring Béatrice Romand, André Dussollier, Féodor Atkine. It is one of Rohmer's "comedies and proverbs" (comédies et proverbes). Its theme is a proverb from La Fontaine: "Quel esprit ne bat la campagne ? qui ne fait château en Espagne ?" (that is, "Who doesn't daydream? Who doesn't build castles in Spain").


Sabine, a student in art history, is growing tired of the part of the mistress of a painter and family man, Simon. She meets Edmond, beautiful, young, rich and free, and declares that she is going to marry him.

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