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Lê Lựu (born 12 December 1942 in Khoái Châu) is a Vietnamese writer specializing in novels and short stories. He has been a member of the Vietnam Writers Association since 1974. He is currently director of the Culture and Entrepreneurs Centre in Hanoi.

His best known novel is Thời xa vắng.[1][2] This was filmed by director Hồ Quang Minh, Le temps révolu, and released to the public in 2004 with music by Đặng Hữu Phúc.



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  2. ^ Patricia Herbert, Anthony Crothers Milner South-East Asia: Languages and Literatures : a Select Guide 1989- Page 87 "The leading novelist today is Le Luu whose recent novel, Thoi xa vang (Time gone by) about a Vietnamese soldier's difficulties on returning to his North Vietnamese village, sets a new personal and critical style."