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Leggy dolls, are MOD 10 inch fashion dolls that were released by Hasbro in North America, Polistil in Europe and Shiba in Japan from 1972 to 1973.[1] The Hasbro and Polistil dolls are the same dolls, while the Japanese dolls differ. The Hasbro and Shiba dolls were given names, while the Polistil dolls are identified by number.

They have a very exaggerated appearance, even though they are 10 inches tall. They are very thin dolls (the waist is less than 0.75 inches across) and they have 7 inch legs. Each doll in the standard editions came packaged on a large blister card with a stock outfit, pants, platform shoes and a plastic stand. Their unusual appearance makes them good models for a variety of fashion doll clothing, including their own line of MOD fashions.[2]


Four characters were produced in the line:


Sue is African-American, she has a black afro hair-do, with brown eyes and red lipstick. She is the hardest to find and is the most expensive to purchase. In the Leggy brochure it states that she has a nickname, which is the black antelope. She is from New Orleans and is a singer and ballerina. She is elegant, sweet and pretty, and likes to sing diverse songs.


Jill has long blonde hair almost to her knees with bangs, as well as blue eyes and pink lipstick. In the Leggy brochure it states that her nickname is the new blonde. She was American born in Denver, living in Santa Monica California. She is a student, with the distinguishing features of long blonde hair, long legs and big eyes. She loves horses, sleeping late and cooking.


Nan has brown curly hair in an up do ponytail, with brown and violet eyes and red lipstick. In the Leggy brochure it states that her nickname is the seagull, she is Italian and lives in a boat in the sea. She is a geographic photographer who is tall, with sweet eyes and who is very pretty.


Kate has red/orange hair past her shoulders, she has green eyes and peach lipstick. In the Leggy brochure it states that her nickname is the red wind. She is Irish but lives in London. She is an actress and loves motorcycles.


Even though Leggys had numerous marketing and production variations, they had a very short existence on the market. The line was discontinued after only a year.

A new line by MGA Entertainment called "Hi:Glamm" was released in late 2007. The dimensions of these dolls, particularly their extremely exaggerated long legs, closely resemble the Leggy dolls, although they are a larger scale, standing about 13". The "Hi:Glamm" line featured Five doll characters instead of Leggy's four:

  • Nicole, a black bombshell who corresponds nicely to Leggy Sue,
  • Julia, whose hair is every bit as orange as Leggy Kate's,
  • Alex, a dark-haired beauty who resembles Leggy Nan,
  • Pam, whose long blonde hair brings Leggy Jill to mind,


  • Kit, an Asian with outrageous pointed bangs, who has no counterpart in the classic Hasbro "Leggy" line.

Apart from the five dolls, there were two small accessory packs available. These featured a few clothing items, but many pairs of shoes, stockings, and long, long leggings.

The "Hi:Glamm" line seems to have fared no better than their "Leggy" predecessors, at least in America, for they were quickly relegated to the "Clearance" section of the toy department in most stores.

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