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Lehmon Pallo-77.png
Full name Lehmon Pallo-77
Nickname(s) LehPa
Founded 1977
Ground Lehmon urheilukeskus
Lehmo, Kontiolahti
Chairman Jukka Korpela
Manager Tero Vornanen
Coach Jarkko Siponen
League Kolmonen

Lehmon Pallo-77 (abbreviated LehPa) is a football club from Lehmo, Kontiolahti in Eastern Finland. The club was formed in 1977 and at one time was also active in volleyball and ice-hockey. The men's football first team currently plays in the Kolmonen (Third Division). Their home ground is at the Lehmon urheilukeskus.


LehPa-77 has spent many seasons in the lower divisions of the Finnish football league. They have played one season in the Kakkonen (Second Division), the third tier of Finnish football, in 2004.[1] In the 1990s the club ran a Ladies Team which progressed as high as the Women’s First Division.

The club from the outset has had an important role offering physical activity to Lehmo and the municipality of Kontiolahti and its villages. The club now has more than 200 registered players and makes full use of indoor and outdoor facilities in the Lehmo area.[2]

Season to season[edit]

Season Level Division Section Administration Position Movements
2002 Tier 4 Kolmonen (Third Division) Eastern Finland (SPL Itä-Suomi) 6th
2003 Tier 4 Kolmonen (Third Division) Eastern Finland (SPL Itä-Suomi) 1st Play-Offs - Promoted
2004 Tier 3 Kakkonen (Second Division) East Group Finnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto) 12th Relegated
2005 Tier 4 Kolmonen (Third Division) Eastern Finland (SPL Itä-Suomi) 8th
2006 Tier 4 Kolmonen (Third Division) Eastern Finland (SPL Itä-Suomi) 4th
2007 Tier 4 Kolmonen (Third Division) Eastern Finland (SPL Itä-Suomi) 7th
2008 Tier 4 Kolmonen (Third Division) Eastern Finland (SPL Itä-Suomi) 7th Relegated
2009 Tier 5 Nelonen (Fourth Division) Section A Eastern Finland (SPL Itä-Suomi) 1st Promoted
2010 Tier 4 Kolmonen (Third Division) Eastern and Central Finland (SPL Itä-Suomi)

Club Structure[edit]

Lehmon Pallo -77 run a number of teams including 2 men's team, 7 boys teams and 1 girls team.

2010 season[edit]

LehPa-77 First Team are competing in the Kolmonen administered by the Itä-Suomi SPL and Keski-Suomi SPL. This is the fourth highest tier in the Finnish football system. In 2009 LehPa were promoted from Section A of the Nelonen administered by the Itä-Suomi SPL.

LehPa-77/2 are competing in the Vitonen administered by the Itä-Suomi SPL.

Current Squad for the 2010 Season[edit]

  • Finland Aleksi Kinnunen
  • Finland Arto Turunen
  • Finland Arttu Sallinen
  • Finland Hannu Sallinen
  • Finland Harri Tolvanen
  • Finland Iiro Kärkkäinen
  • Finland Jarkko Tarnanen
  • Finland Jarkko Turunen
  • Finland Juha Räty
  • Finland Mikko Hyttinen
  • Finland Olli Muttonen
  • Finland Pekka Horttanainen
  • Finland Pentti Kakkonen
  • Finland Petri Kiiskinen
  • Finland Pietu Parikka
  • Finland Risto Peltonen
  • Finland Tatu Päivinen
  • Finland Tero Vornanen
  • Finland Tuomas Kortelainen (C)
  • Finland Tuukka Papinaho


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