Lotte from Gadgetville

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Lotte from Gadgetville
Lotte from Gadgetville cover.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Heiki Ernits
Janno Põldma
Written by Heiki Ernits
Janno Põldma
Starring Evelin Pang
Andero Ermel
Argo Aadli
Music by Sven Grünberg
Release date
23 May 2006
Running time
78 min
Country Estonia
Language Estonian and Latvian

Lotte from Gadgetville[1] (Estonian: Leiutajateküla Lotte) is a 2006 Estonian/Latvian feature-length animated film directed by Heiki Ernits and Janno Põldma.

In 2007, the film was awarded the Latvian Film Prize for best animated feature film.

The film's characters first appeared in Lotte reis lõunamaale (Lotte Goes South) - Estonian animated TV series, containing 13 five-minute episodes. In 2011 a sequel was released - Lotte ja kuukivi saladus (Lotte and the Moonstone Secret).

The films and their characters proved so popular in their homeland, that a theme park, Lottemaa (Lotte Village Theme Park), opened in Reiu, Tahkuranna Parish, Estonia.



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