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LensCulture is a photography network and online magazine about contemporary photography in art, media, politics, commerce and popular cultures worldwide: "a resource to keep up with the latest trends and debates in contemporary photography".[1] In addition to its online magazine and publishing network, LensCulture has hosted international photography portfolio reviews each year in Paris since 2010 in partnership with Paris Photo.[2] LensCulture sponsors international photography awards and grants several times per year, as well as traveling exhibitions of award-winning photography.

Will Coldwell, writing in The Independent in 2013, described LensCulture as one of the ten best photography websites, calling it a "definitive resource for anyone who wants to keep up with the latest trends and debates in contemporary photography".[3] Critic Sean O'Hagan, writing in The Guardian in 2012, listed it among the eight best photography websites or online publications, calling it "one of the most authoritative and wide-ranging sites."[4]


The organization was founded in 2004 by its editor Jim Casper,[5][better source needed] who moved its editorial offices to Paris[6] from Berkeley in 2005. Its team is based remotely, with locations in Amsterdam, California, and Paris, among other cities.

Awards and grants[edit]

LensCulture award-winning photographers are exhibited at festivals, universities and arts institutions. The 2014 Exposure Awards exhibition was held at London College of Communication, University of the Arts London.[7][8] Award-winners and other discoveries have also been screened at photography festivals, such as the Voies Off Festival in Arles in July 2014.[9]

LensCulture Exposure Awards[edit]

  • 2009: Portfolio Category - grand prize, Marco Vernaschi.[10] Single Image Category - grand prize, Brad Moore; second prize, Stella Johnson; third prize, Laura Pannack[11][12][non-primary source needed]
  • 2010: Portfolio Category - grand prize, Jessica Hines; second prize, Carolle Benitah; third prize, Louisa Marie Summer. Single Image Category - grand prize, Martine Fougeron; second prize, Albertina d’Urso; third prize, Anne Berry[13][non-primary source needed]
  • 2011: Portfolio Category - grand prize, Michael Marten; second prize, Rachelle Mozman; third prize, Jody Ake. Multimedia Category - grand prize, Olga Kravets, Maria Morina, and Oksana Yushko; second prize, Florence Royer; third prize, Markel Redondo.[14] Single Image Category - grand prize, Kerry Mansfield; second prize, S. Gayle Stevens; third prize, Andrey Ivanov-Eftimiopulos and Sasha Shikhova[15]
  • 2012: Portfolio Category - grand prize, Kyoko Hamada; second prize, Annalisa Brambilla; third prize, Matilde Gattoni. Multimedia Category - grand prize, Amanda Zackem; second prize, Ed Kashi; third prize, Elena Bulygina. Single Image Category - grand Prize, Jim Kazanjian; second prize, Michelle Sank; third prize, Andrea Stultiens[16][non-primary source needed]
  • 2013: Portfolio Category - first prize, David Favrod; second prize, Yijun Liao; third prize, Richard Tuschman. Single Image Category - first prize, Chee Keong Lim; second prize, Julia Gunther; third prize, Zoran Marinovic[17][non-primary source needed]

LensCulture Portrait Awards[edit]

  • 2014: Portfolio Category - first prize, Marius Schultz, First There Was Nothing[18] second prize, Hossein Fatemi, Veiled Truths; third prize, Tsutomu Yamagata, 13 Orphans. Single Image Category - first prize, Clare Benson, The Shepherd's Daughter; second prize, Marc Thirouin, Las Mujeres; third prize, Ulrik Tofte, The key is not to blink

Photography portfolio reviews[edit]

LensCulture has hosted international photography portfolio reviews each year in Paris since 2010 in partnership with Paris Photo.[2][19]


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