Lers Aqueduct

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Aqueduct de Lers
Coordinates 43°23′37.36″N 1°41′16.48″E / 43.3937111°N 1.6879111°E / 43.3937111; 1.6879111Coordinates: 43°23′37.36″N 1°41′16.48″E / 43.3937111°N 1.6879111°E / 43.3937111; 1.6879111
Carries Canal du Midi
Crosses Cers [1] or Hers-Mort or l'Hers [2]
Locale Villefranche-de-Lauragais
Trough construction Masonry
Pier construction Masonry
No. of spans 2

Lers Aqueduct (French: Aqueduc de Lers) is one of several aqueducts, or water bridge, created for the Canal du Midi. [1] Originally, the canal crossed the Hers-Mort on the level. It is near the village of Villefranche-de-Lauragais. The structure was completed in 1806 and designed by Jean-Polycarpe Maguès, [3] chief engineer on the Canal du Midi. [4]

The stream it crosses is also known as l'Hers. [2]

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