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Les Veinards
Directed by Philippe de Broca
Jean Girault
Produced by Sirius-Film
Written by Jacques Vilfrid
Jean Girault
Starring France Anglade
Louis de Funès
Music by Jean-Michel Defaye
Distributed by UGC-Sirius-CFDC (1962) (France) (theatrical)
Release date
26 April 1963 (France)
Running time
125 minutes
Country France
Language French

Les Veinards English: The Lucky, is a French comedy film from 1963, directed by Philippe de Broca and Jean Girault, written by Jacques Vilfrid and Jean Girault, starring France Anglade and Louis de Funès (uncredited). The film is known under the titles: "People in Luck" or "The Lucky" (English titles), "Die Glückspilze" or "Fünf Glückspilze" (West Germany), "I fortunati" (Italy).[1]



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