Let's Go (Philippine TV series)

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Let's Go
Opening theme"Let's Go" (sung by 13 Needles)
Country of originPhilippines
Original language(s)Filipino
No. of episodes50
Running time45-50 minutes
Original networkABS-CBN
Picture format480i (SDTV)
Original releaseJune 3, 2006 (2006-06-03) –
June 2, 2007 (2007-06-02)

Let's Go is a situation comedy on ABS-CBN, set in a college dormitory and targeting a teenage audience. Since July 8, 2006, the show airs Saturdays at 5pm.

The show premiered on June 3, 2006 in a 4:00 pm timeslot, and aired its last episode on June 2, 2007.


Season 1 & 2

Season 3

Season 4 - Go Kada Go!

Summary Plot (S1-S3) Orig.[edit]

There's Norman (Blumark Roces), the Bisoy boy next door who's chums with chick magnet Dennis (Timmy Boy Sta. Maria). Dennis can relate to girls, that's why he's close to Junniper (Eda Nolan), the shy “promdi” girl who's as nice as Charie (Charee Pineda), the “sweetilicous” babe of the group. Charie can easily tame resident bullie Badjie (Badjie Mortiz), who is feared by everyone, even star athlete Bob (Joem Bascon).

The jock, who's not so lucky with the girls, hangs out with the shrewd and “alaskador” Zap (Kontin Roque) who's attracted the attention of showbiz fanatic Maffi (Janelle Quintana). Maffi's obsession with all things showbiz extends her friendship with “artistahin” fashionista Alex (Cathy Gonzaga).

The certified rich gal in the group though is best friends with Trish (Jana Pablo) the calorie-counting fashion-obsessed middle class girl. Mike (Mikel Campos) loves to count too, well his money that is, up to the last centavo. His many secrets can be compared to the very mysterious Bangs (Valerie Garcia) who's discreetly into Norman.

One of the most distinctive episodes is when they drop a book and when they bend down to pick it up, someone else picks it up too. The people who picked up the book start dating, introducing Lea Michaela A. Cabili and Mikee Gabriel.


Director: Edgar Mortiz, Frasco Mortiz
Production Manager: Dagang Vilbar
Executive Producer: Ferry Trinidad
Headwriter: Roel Raval
Writers: Badjie Mortiz, Earl Ignacio, Jellyn Gueco, Mae Manalac,Erwin Romulo, Rene Martin

List of episodes[edit]

Season 1

  • Episode #01: Ang Simula
  • Episode #02: Bar Chillin'
  • Episode #03: Maling Akala
  • Episode #04: Initiation
  • Episode #05: Acquaintance Party
  • Episode #06: Pustahan
  • Episode #07: The Problem is Tubig
  • Episode #08: Master Showman
  • Episode #09: First Kiss
  • Episode #10: Papel, Gunting, Bato
  • Episode #11: You Rock My World
  • Episode #12: L.Q.
  • Episode #13: Break Na Tayo

Season 2

  • Episode #14: Tomaan
  • Episode #15: In or Out
  • Episode #16: Art Atak
  • Episode #17: Maalala Mo Kaya?
  • Episode #18: Girls Night Out
  • Episode #19: Girls Night Out
  • Episode #20: Kotse at Curly
  • Episode #21: Tsismis
  • Episode #22: The Grudge: Daw?
  • Episode #23: Labo Notes

Season 3

  • Episode #24: Let's Go Boracay
  • Episode #25: PaKiss Kiss
  • Episode #26: Paano
  • Episode #27: Mukhang Guilty
  • Episode #28: Kris Kringle
  • Episode #29: Let's Go!: Live!
  • Episode #30: Dennis is Back!!!!!
  • Episode #31: The Best of Let's Go!
  • Episode #32: The More You Hate, The More You Love!
  • Episode #33: Putina
  • Episode #34: Nakaw Tingin...Nakaw Halik!
  • Episode #35: Debut Ni Per
  • Episode #36: Time Waits For Norman
  • Episode #37: Akin Ka Na Lang
  • Episode #38: Don't Touch My Poochie
  • Episode #39: Goodbye Alex
  • Episode #40: Grrrl Power!!
  • Episode #41: Let's Go Ready to Rumble
  • Episode #42: Graduation Blues!!
  • Episode #43: Let's Go Baguio!
  • Episode #44: Let's Go Subic!
  • Episode #45: Let's Go 8 Waves
  • Episode #46: Halina, Let's Go Vigan
  • Episode #47: Let's Go Camping!!!
  • Episode #48: Let's Go Pangasinan!
  • Episode #49: Let's Go Crazy!
  • Episode #50: Let's Go Finale!

Season 4: Gokada Go!

  • Episode #01: First Day Go!
  • Episode #02: Biak Na Bato
  • Episode #03: Go Signal
  • Episode #04: Miss U Like Crazy
  • Episode #05: Let's Go Panty
  • Episode #06: The Naked Truth
  • Episode #07: Go Melody Go
  • Episode #08: Go Kini Go


  • Cathy Gonzaga is Toni Gonzaga's sister.
  • Janelle Quintana and Mikel Campos are voted as two of the most popular cast in the show.
  • The show is directed by Edgar Mortiz, father of cast member Badjie Mortiz.
  • The show was inspired from the Korean youth sitcom Nonstop after the show's director, Edgar Mortiz, caught his son, one of the mainstays of the show, watching it on TV. He became interested that he planned to do a similar show.
  • Kristoff Abrenica, their new cast member, was from Pinoy Dream Academy
  • Dianne Medina was from Wazzup Wazzup and she was the grand winner in Wazzup Wazzup Beach Bum Contest '06.
  • In the episode "Musical", Junniper Lopez, played by Eda Nolan sang the song sung by Willie Revillame written by Lito Camo.
  • Eda Nolan stars as the brainy scholar, Amor, in the Cebuanovela, Amor Chicko.
  • The show's setting may be considered as a representation and a pun of the University of the Philippines. Aside from the obvious references, for example the name of their school being Philippine University and the Initiation Run (a spoof of UP's yearly Alpha Phi Omega Oblation Run) in the episode 'Initiation' a few more less known examples are:
    • In one episode Kristoff's aunt, played by Frances Ignacio, called the school "Peyups" which an actual slang for UP.
    • In another episode, Norman (played by Blumark Roces) was asked to buy barbecue from a store called Beach House. Beach House is an actual eating place located in UP's Diliman campus, which sells barbecue as its main cuisine.
    • In yet another episode, their dorm was identified as "Narra", a name of an actual dormitory in the University of the Philippines
  • Eda Nolan and Joem Bascon is also starring in the monthly episode of Love Spell: Click na Click with Diether Ocampo and Kristine Hermosa & the Prime-Time teleserye Walang Kapalit with Piolo Pascual and Claudine Barretto.
  • Sources say that the 4th season of Let's Go will not have: Badjie, Timmy Boy, Mikel, Kristoff and the rest except for Cathy Gonzaga, Valerie Garcia, Eda Nolan and Joem Bascon.
  • Charee Pineda, from Let's Go! Season 1 & 2 was moved to GMA's teledrama, Impostora.
  • Gian Carlos (StarStruck batch 3) being a Dad at age 18 early February 2008 to ABS-CBN star Eda Nolan she's 19-year-old Mom.
  • Eda Nolan, Charee Pineda (are regular characters) & Valerie Garcia (as a guest role) worked together in a Primetime-Drama Series Katorse.
  • Yael Yuzon appeared on Season 1 Episode 11 (You Rock My World) as the high school suitor of Valerie Garcia, hence the episode title.

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