Let's Rock Again!

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Let's Rock Again
Directed byDick Rude
Produced byDick Rude Productions
Joe Strummer
Lucinda Strummer
StarringJoe Strummer
Martin Slattery
Scott Shields
Tymon Dogg
Simon Stafford
Luke Bullen
Edited byDick Rude
Arnaud Gerardy
Music byWarren Huart
Distributed byImage Entertainment
Release date
  • 2004 (2004)
Running time
68 minutes

Let's Rock Again! is a music documentary film following Joe Strummer as he tours across the United States and Japan with his band the Mescaleros promoting their second album Global a Go-Go. The memoir was shot by filmmaker and longtime Strummer friend Dick Rude in the 18 months leading up to Strummer's death in 2002.

In light of Strummer's death, the film is "inevitably sad to watch now," as The Guardian wrote in a review, but still inspirational in its portrayal of "a star of rare humility".[1]


The DVD was released in June 2006. Bonus features include:

  • Interviews with Joe Strummer
  • Behind-the-scenes footage
  • Joe's Suitcase [Slide Show]
  • Q & A with director Dick Rude
  • Five songs performed live:
  1. "Bigger They Come, Harder They Fall"
  2. "Quarter Pound an Ishens"
  3. "Armagideon Time"
  4. "Pressure Drop '72"
  5. "Rudie Can't Fail"

Scene selections include:

  1. Tom Snyder and The Clash
  2. 1977 (The Clash)
  3. 1 October 2002, Tokyo, Japan
  4. Main Title; Global a Go-Go
  5. Bhindi Bhagee
  6. Interaction with the Fans
  7. Quarter Pound an Ishens
  8. Trashman or Doorman?
  9. From Hero to Zero
  10. London's Burning
  11. Word of Mouth
  12. Mega Bottle Ride
  13. Drumming Up Business
  14. Get Down Moses
  15. Backstage Shenanigans
  16. Shaktar Donetsk
  17. Songwriting and Lyrics
  18. Cool 'n' Out
  19. 9 October 2001, New York, NY
  20. Minstrel Boy
  21. Going Underground
  22. 1969
  23. Johnny Appleseed
  24. End Credits

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