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This is the film of Cartoon Network's Level Up, for the series see, Level Up (U.S. TV series).
Level Up
Created by Derek Guiley
David Schneiderman
Written by Derek Guiley
David Schneiderman
Directed by Peter Lauer
Composer(s) Paul Robb
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Executive producer(s)
  • Peter Lauer
  • Derek Guiley and David Schneiderman (co-executive producers)
  • Gideon Amir
  • Karen Mayeda-Vranek (co-producer)
Cinematography Llyod Ahern
Editor(s) Scott Richter
Running time 68 minutes
Production company(s) D and D Productions[1]
Cartoon Network Studios
Budget $500,000
Original network Cartoon Network
Original release
  • November 23, 2011 (2011-11-23)
Followed by Level Up (U.S. TV series)

Level Up is a 2011 made-for-television film from D and D Productions and Cartoon Network Studios, who which is created by Derek Guiley and David Schneiderman with the direction of Peter Lauer, and aired on November 23, 2011 for the United States. This film spoofed video games. Jagex and Rooster Teeth were brought in as consultants. This film is rated TV-PG-V. This movie was made as a pilot for the 2012 Cartoon Network series, Level Up. It premiered on Cartoon Network (UK & Ireland) on June 8, 2012.


In an Air Force base, a sanitation worker accidentally launches a laser into space when trying to swat a fly. The laser hits a satellite and is sent to the Ross Server Farm, straight into the computer game "Maldark: Conqueror of All Worlds", hitting the game's main villain, Maldark.

In Daventry Hills, teenage braniac Wyatt Black (Gaelan Connell), wildman Danté Ontero (Connor Del Rio) and quarterback Lyle Hugginson (Jessie T. Usher) have nothing in common in real life: however, all three boys play "Conqueror of All Worlds" as elite team NeverFail (Wyatt as leader Black Death, Lyle as Wizza and Danté as Sir Bickle) though none of them are aware of their true identities. While playing the game one night, the boys push a rod down and soon encounter Maldark who opens a portal into the real world and sends a troll through.

The next day, the trio see the troll on the news and later discover the game is in ruins. Wyatt inadvertently reveals he saw the troll broadcast and the guys discover they all live in the same town. When they meet, they're stunned with each other's true identities and agree to find the troll but are easily outmatched. Upon realizing the troll is a leak from the game, Wyatt hacks the game, reopens the portal and brings out the team's weapons. Although they struggle to use their weapons, the troll is defeated and returns to the game: NeverFail soon finds a message orb from Maldark but Lyle and Danté don't take notice of the threat and the orb is destroyed.

Soon, multiple online ads as well as Wyatt's in-game Bard are released, along with ghouls at the school. After beating the ghouls, the guys find another orb where Maldark reveals his plan: to harness enough energy to leave the game and lead his army to conquer the real world. Afterward, the bard is sent back and the team tries to find a solution: Wyatt suggests finding Max Ross, the game's creator but no one knows where he is, so they decide to just destroy the leaks. At home, Danté is given a strike by his mother, Barbara (Rhoda Griffis), who states one more means he's off to boarding school.

As Wyatt researches Max, he learns his somewhat friend Angie Prietto (Aimee Carrero) is suspicious of what he's doing. Over the coming weeks, NeverFail continues to fight the leaks and soon find that Max (Eric André) lives in Daventry Hills: they soon learn by pushing the rod in, they opened the gateway in the process. Although he agrees with the team, Max refuses to help shut down the game.

In town, Danté stops a troll, but because it destroyed Vice Principal Lee's car, he is blamed for it and gets his third strike. At the same time, Lyle's father, the mayor (Geoffrey Williams), pressures him to stop whatever he's been doing to focus on the halftime speech he needs to give as the coming mayoral outcome approaches. Because of these incidents, they disband. At the same time, Max is kidnapped by another leak known as a sprawl, which is witnessed by Angie.

Angie confronts Wyatt on everything and they talk Danté into helping them but Lyle refuses to help any longer: Angie is recruited to take his place and given a glove known as the Fist of Schoolage by Danté, which he looted from the first troll earlier. As they storm the server farm to rescue Max, Lyle reveals his true self to everyone at the game during his speech and leaves to help the others. The sprawl replicates itself upon seeing NeverFail through the security system: the duplicate then sends Angie into the game through a portal, causing Wyatt to go rescue her without his weapon. He battles against a "Craven Snowman" as Danté fights the sprawl in the real world: Wyatt beats the Craven snowman with the Fist of Schoolage as Lyle saves Danté before beating the sprawl. Wyatt and Angie escape the game and end up sharing a kiss on inpulse.

Max soon completes the program and Maldark (George Faughnan) is materialized: the former soon agrees to rebuild the firewall while NeverFail takes on Maldark. They soon remember to defeat Maldark, they need an ultimage weapon which Max reveals is all of their weapons combined though it comes at a cost: if they land a hit, the concussion of the blast will kill them. Fusing the Blast-o-Ton, Skullcracker and Thunder Pole into a large cannon, they fire a disco ball enduced twister, trapping Maldark long enough to sent him back.

Afterwards, Max helps get Danté out of trouble by telling his mom he was helping out with a motion picture project, which works out . Max soon leaves with the memory card containing Angie's footage of the battle while Angie goes home: the guys then leave to get a bite, unaware that Maldark hasn't given up yet.


Home media[edit]

Region 1

DVD title Aspect ratio Time length Bonus features Release date
"Level Up: The Movie"[2] 1.78:1 68 minutes A never before seen episode of Level Up titled "Wanted" and a music video from the series. May 1, 2012

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