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This article is about the 3rd century Roman usurper. For the early 4th-century Roman Emperor, see Licinius. For the 2nd-century Roman author, see Granius Licinianus.
Usurper of the Roman Empire
Reign c. 250 (against Decius)
Died c. 250
Full name
Julius Valens Licinianus

Julius Valens Licinianus was a Roman usurper in 250. Apparently, Licinianus, who was a senator, had the support of the Roman Senate and parts of the population when he initiated an uprising against Decius, who was fighting the Goths. However, Valerian, who had been left in charge in Rome by Decius, had little trouble in suppressing the rebellion.

It is possible that Licinianus was the same Valens Senior, who usurped the purple in Rome during the absence of the Emperor Decius in the war against the Goths (250), and who was quickly executed.[1]


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