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Mag Rack (formerly Lifeskool) is a Video on Demand (VoD) television channel. Its primary focus is providing viewers with informational programs when they want them. These programs range from 'how to' programs to programs that spotlight past and present products.

The service started off as a 24-hour Catholic channel at the request of James Dolan. It soon grew into a multi-show on demand channel. Most of its early shows were based on unconventional topics such as: birdwatching, Catholicism, and healthy living. Soon after, it gravitated towards shows that brought in a larger audience such as: cooking instruction, car shows, fitness, and yoga.

In November 2007, it became 'Lifeskool, but after 8 months, it became Mag Rack once again.

The majority of Mag Rack's programming is acquired through other production companies or through syndication.

Mag Rack was part of Rainbow Media Holdings, Inc., a subsidiary of Cablevision. It was acquired by two entrepreneurs, Joe Covey and Matthew Davidge in October, 2008.


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