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Lindsay Corporation
Traded as NYSELNN
S&P 600 Component
Industry Manufacturing, Agriculture
Founded 1955
Founder Paul Zimmerer and Sons
Headquarters Omaha, Nebraska, United States
Key people
Michael N. Christodolou
Richard W. Parod (CEO)
Products Center Pivot Irrigation, Tubing, Railroad Signal Infrastructure, Moveable Barrier Systems, Crash Cushions
Services Contract Manufacturing
Revenue $478,900,000[1] (2011)
$56,600,000[2] (2011)
$36,800,000[3] (2011)
Total assets $381,144,000[4] (2011)
Parent Lindsay Corporation
Divisions Irrigation, Infrastructure
Subsidiaries Barrier Systems Inc., Snoline, Watertronics
Website Lindsay Corporation

Lindsay Corporation (NYSELNN), formerly known as Lindsay Manufacturing Co., is a manufacturer of Zimmatic brand center pivot irrigation systems, based in the U.S. state of Nebraska. It also manufactures farm and construction machinery, as well as road and railroad infrastructure equipment. The company states that it has a market capitalization of $547,584,000.[5] At August 31, 2008, the company had 1,239 employees.[6]

The company was founded in 1955 in Lindsay, Nebraska. Corporate headquarters are in Omaha.

In 1992, Gary Parker of Lindsay Manufacturing Co. was named to the National Agri-Marketing Association Agribusiness Leader of the Year honor roll.[7] Parker had started working at Lindsay Manufacturing in 1971, and went on to become the president in 1984 and the CEO in 1989. He retired from the position of CEO in 2000 at the age of 54.[8]

On October 21, 1997, the company's shares began to be traded on the New York Stock Exchange.[9][10] The company's shares form part of the Palisades Water Index's US Water Index.[11]

In 2002, Howard G. Buffett was elected chairman of Lindsay Manufacturing. He had been a director of the company since 1995.[12] Since January 21, 2003, the company's chairman has been Michael N. Christodolou.

In 2004, the company's African unit acquired Stettyn, a manufacturer of center pivots based in Bloemfontein, South Africa.[13]

In June 2006, Lindsay acquired Barrier Systems Inc.[14] which was founded in 1985 and developed the Quickchange Moveable Barrier (QMB) which helps control and manage traffic by adding lanes to a roadway during periods of heavy traffic and then removing the added lanes when the traffic influx is reversed.

On January 25, 2008, the outstanding shares of stock of Watertronics, Inc, based in Hartland, Wis. were purchased by Lindsay. Watertronics is a leader in designing, manufacturing, and servicing water pumping stations and controls for the golf, landscape and municipal markets.[15]


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