List of Asturian consorts

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This is a list of the queens consort of the Kingdom of Asturias.

From to Name Notes
? 737? Gaudiosa traditional wife of King Pelayo, not historically attested
? ? Froiliuba wife of King Favila
739 757? Ermesinda, daughter of Pelayo wife of King Alfonso I
? ? Munia wife of King Fruela I
774 783 Adosinda, daughter of Alfonso I wife of King Silo
? ? Usenda traditional wife of King Bermudo I, perhaps a confused rendering Adosinda, wife of Silo
842 aft. 848 Paterna of Castile wife of King Ramiro I
850 866 Muniadona wife of King Ordoño I

During the reign of Ordoño I (850–866), the Kingdom of Asturias progressively came to be known as the Kingdom of León. The kingdom was split in 910 and Fruela received the part which kept the name of Asturias.

From to Name Notes
869/870 910 Jimena of Pamplona wife of King Alfonso III
911 ? Nunilona wife of King Fruela II
917 ? Urraca bint Qasi wife of King Fruela II

For the later consorts, see the list of Leonese Queen Consorts.

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