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The following is the list of Chancellors of Transylvania during the Principality of Transylvania.

List of Chancellors[edit]

Principality of Transylvania[edit]

Name Date Prince Note
Mihály Csáky 1556–1571 John Sigismund Zápolya
Ferenc Forgách 1571–1575 Stephen Báthory
Imre Sulyok 1576–1578 Stephen Báthory
Márton Berzeviczy 1578–1586 Stephen Báthory for Stephen Báthory in Poland
Farkas Kovacsóczy 1578–1594 Stephen Báthory,
From 1586: Sigismund Báthory
for voivodes Christopher Báthory and Sigismund Báthory until 1586
István Jósika 1594–1598 Sigismund Báthory
Demeter Naprágyi 1598–1600 Rudolf,
From August 1598: Sigismund Báthory,
From March 1599: Andrew Báthory
Vacant 1600–1603 Michael the Brave,
From 1601: Sigismund Báthory,
From 1602: Rudolf
headed by a secretary of the Chancellery
János Jacobinus 1603 Mózes Székely
Mihály Káthay 1604–1606 Rudolf,
From 1605, Stephen Bocskay
appointed by Stephen Bocskay.
Vacant 1606–1607 Stephen Bocskay Secretary: Simon Péchi
János Petki 1607–1608 Sigismund Rákóczi
István Kendi 1608–1610 Gabriel Báthory
János Imreffy 1610–1611 Gabriel Báthory
Vacant 1611–1613 Gabriel Báthory Secretary: György Hidy
Simon Péchi 1613–1621 Gabriel Bethlen
Vacant 1621–1622 Gabriel Bethlen Secretary: István Kovacsóczy
István Kovacsóczy 1622–1634 Gabriel Bethlen,
From 1629, Catherine of Brandenburg,
In 1630, Stephen Bethlen,
From December 1630, George I Rákóczi
Vacant 1634–1656 George I Rákóczi,
From 1648, George II Rákóczi
Master of the Judgement: István Kassai (1634–1644),
Secretary: János Szalárdi (1644–1649),
Secretary: János Pálóczi Horváth (1649–1656)
Mihály Mikes 1656–1660 George II Rákóczi,
1657–1658: disputed Prince Francis Rhédey
János Bethlen
Acting Chancellor: Farkas Bethlen (1676–1677)
Ákos Barcsay,
From 1661, John Kemény,
From 1662, Michael I Apafi
appointed by Ákos Barcsay, when Mihály Mikes still held the office
Farkas Bethlen 1678–1679 Michael I Apafi
Vacant 1679–1688 Michael I Apafi the distribution of functions among several persons
Mihály Teleki 1688–1690 Michael I Apafi
Field Marshal Antonio Caraffa
appointed by Leopold I, Transylvania was occupied
Transylvanian Court Chancellery Since 1694 Habsburg rule Diploma Leopoldinum end of the independent Transylvania

Habsburg rule[edit]

The Transylvanian Court Chancellery was established in 1694, according to the Diploma Leopoldinum, modeled on its Hungarian counterpart. Leopold I also created the Gubernium ("Governorate") which was the main governmental body of Transylvania until the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867.

During the reign of Joseph II the Hungarian and Transylvanian Court Chancelleries were merged in 1787. The King withdrew his, among others, regulation on his deathbed.

Name Date Note
Miklós Bethlen 1691–1708 Chancellor
Sámuel Kálnoky 1694–1706 Court Chancellor
Pál Ráday 1707–1710 (?) Director of Francis II Rákóczi's Transylvanian Chancellery
Zsigmond Kornis 1710–1713 Court Chancellor; Governor (1713–1731)
János Bornemisza 1713–1740 Chancellor
László Gyulaffi 1740–1754 Court Chancellor
Gábor Bethlen 1754–1765 Court Chancellor
Samuel von Brukenthal 1766–1777 Chancellor; Chairman of the Gubernium (1774–1777), Governor (1777–1787)
Károly Jeromos Pálffy 1787–1791 Court Chancellor of Hungary and Transylvania
Sámuel Teleki 1791–1822 Court Chancellor
Miklós Jósika 1822–1834 Lord Chancellor
Vacant 1834–1837
Elek Nopcsa 1837–1844 Court Chancellor
Vacant 1844–1846
Sámuel Jósika 1846–1848 Court Chancellor
Vacant 1848–1860 Chancellery was disbanded by Francis Joseph after the Hungarian Revolution of 1848
Ferenc Kemény 1860–1861 Chancellor
Ferenc Nádasdy 1861–1865 Court Chancellor
Ferenc Haller 1865–1867 Court Chancellor

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