List of Late Night with Conan O'Brien characters

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The following is a list of characters on the late night program Late Night with Conan O'Brien, which aired on NBC from 1993 to 2009.


  • A-hole Ronald
  • Andy's Little Sister
  • Artie Kendall's Ghost
  • Awareness Del (Making People Aware of Delaware)
  • Cactus Chef Playing "We Didn't Start the Fire" on the Flute.
  • Coked Up Werewolf
  • Conando
  • The Dancing Gorillas
  • Euro Guy
  • Evil Puppy
  • The FedEx Pope.
  • Fidel Castro Rabbit DJ
  • Gaseous Wiener
  • Ginger
  • Gun-toting, NASCAR Driving Jesus
  • Hannigan, The Traveling Salesman
  • Hippie Fire Hydrant Riding a Skateboard
  • Horny Manatee
  • Kloppy the Horse
  • Little Jay Leno
  • The Loser
  • Masturbating Bear
  • MC Scared-of-Beez
  • "No Reason to Live" Guy
  • Oldy Olson
  • Oscillating Air Purifier that Looks Like Slash
  • Pimpbot 5000
  • Polly, the NBC Peacock
  • Preparation H Raymond
  • Quackers the S*** Eating Duck
  • Quake Guy
  • R2-Mr.T2
  • Redneck Parking Meter Eating Nachos out of a Roman Coliseum
  • Robot on a Toilet
  • Sears Tower in Sears Clothing
  • Shoeverine
  • The Interrupter
  • The Really Tall Dachshund
  • Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog
  • Vomiting Kermit

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