List of Ministers of Natural Environment of Brazil

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This is a list of the Ministers of the Natural Environment and their preceding offices.

Secretary of Natural Environment (Ministry of the Interior)[edit]

Ministry of Urban Development and Natural Environment[edit]

Secretary of Natural Environment for the President[edit]

Minister of Natural Environment[edit]

Minister of Natural Environment and the Legal Amazon[edit]

Minister of Natural Environment, Water Resources and the Legal Amazon[edit]

Minister of Natural Environment[edit]

No. Name Term of office Political Party President Ref.
1 Sarney Filho 1999 2002 Fernando Henrique Cardoso
2 José Carlos Carvalho 2002 2002
3 Marina Silva 2003 2008 Green Party Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva
4 Carlos Minc 2008 2010 Green Party
5 Izabella Teixeira 2010 2016 Dilma Rousseff
6 Sarney Filho 2016 present Michel Temer [1]


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