List of North Carolina Confederate Civil War units

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This is a list of North Carolina Confederate Civil War units. The list of North Carolina Union Civil War regiments is shown separately.

Flag of North Carolina (1861).svg


Junior Reserves[edit]

  • 1st Junior Reserves (70th Infantry)
  • 2nd Junior Reserves (71st Infantry)
  • 3rd Junior Reserves (72nd Infantry)
  • 1st Battalion, Junior Reserves
  • 2nd Battalion, Junior Reserves
  • 4th Battalion, Junior Reserves
  • 5th Battalion, Junior Reserves
  • 6th Battalion, Junior Reserves
  • 7th Battalion, Junior Reserves
  • 8th Battalion, Junior Reserves
  • 9th Battalion, Junior Reserves
  • Millard's Battalion, Junior Reserves (20th Battalion)

Senior Reserves[edit]

  • 4th Senior Reserves (73th Infantry)
  • 5th Senior Reserves (74th Infantry)
  • 6th Senior Reserves (76th Infantry)
  • 7th Senior Reserves (77th Infantry)
  • 8th Senior Reserves (78th Infantry)
  • 3rd Battalion, Senior Reserves
  • Erwin's Battalion, Senior Reserves (21st Battalion)
  • Hill's Battalion, Senior Reserves (22nd Battalion)
  • Littlejohn's Battalion, Senior Reserves (23rd Battalion)


  • 1st Cavalry (9th State Troops)
  • 2nd Cavalry (19th State Troops)
  • 3rd Cavalry (41st State Troops)
  • 4th Cavalry (59th State Troops)
  • 5th Cavalry (63rd State Troops)
  • 6th Cavalry (65th State Troops)
  • 7th Cavalry (75th State Troops)
  • 8th Cavalry (79th State Troops)
  • 5th Battalion, Cavalry
  • 7th Battalion, Cavalry
  • 12th Battalion, Cavalry
  • 13th Battalion, Cavalry (66th Infantry)
  • 14th Battalion, Cavalry
  • 15th Battalion, Cavalry, State Service
  • 16th Battalion, Cavalry

Partisan Rangers[edit]

  • 4th Battalion, Partisan Rangers (66th Infantry)
  • 8th Battalion, Partisan Rangers (13th Battalion, Cavalry)
  • 11th Battalion, Partisan Rangers
  • Evans' Battalion, Partisan Rangers (63rd Infantry)
  • Lawrence's Company, Volunteers (Wilson Partisan Rangers)
  • Swindell's Company, Partisan Rangers


  • 1st Artillery (10th State Troops)
  • 2nd Artillery (36th State Troops)
  • 3rd Artillery (40th State Troops)

Light Artillery[edit]

Heavy Artillery[edit]

  • 1st Battalion, Heavy Artillery (9th Battalion)
  • 2nd Battalion, Heavy Artillery (10th Battalion)


  • Thomas' Legion
    • 69th Infantry Regiment
    • Walker's Cavalry Battalion
    • Cherockee Battalion
    • Levi's (Barr's) Battery, Light Artillery


  • 1st Detailed Men (81st State Troops)
  • 2nd Detailed Men (82nd State Troops)
  • 3rd Detailed Men (83rd State Troops)
  • 2nd Conscripts
  • 6th Battalion, Armory Guards
  • 19th (Mallett's) Battalion (Camp Guard)
  • Cumberland County Battalion, Detailed Men
  • McLean's Battalion, Light Duty Men
  • Rencher's Battalion, Detailed Men (24th Battalion)
  • Bank's Company (Currituck Guard)
  • Bass' Company
  • Brown's Company
  • Doughton's Company (Alleghany Grays)
  • Galloway's Company, Coast Guards
  • Giddins Company (Detailed and Petitioned Men)
  • Howard's Company, Prison Guards
  • Jones' Company (Supporting Force)
  • Mallett's Company
  • McDugald's Company
  • McMillan's Company
  • Conscripts, Unassigned
  • Moseley's Company (Sampson Artillery)
  • Townsend's Company (State Troops)
  • Wallace's Company (Wilmington Railroad Guard)
  • Miscellaneous


  • 1st Militia
  • 15th Militia
  • 30th Militia
  • 33rd Militia
  • 51st Militia
  • Clark's Special Battalion, 16th Militia
  • Whitman's Company, 66th Battalion, Militia

Home Guards[edit]

Local Defense Troops[edit]

  • 2nd Battalion, Local Defense Troops
  • Allen's Company, Local Defense
  • Cox's Company, Local Defense (Provost Guard, Kingston)
  • Croom's Company, Local Defense (Kingston Guards, Kingston Provost Guard)
  • Gibb's Company, Local Defense
  • Griswold's Company, Local Defense (Provost Guard, Goldsboro)
  • Hoskins' Company, Local Defense
  • Howard's Company, Local Defense Cavalry
  • Lee's Company, Local Defense (Silver Greys)
  • Nelson's Company, Local Defense)
  • Snead's Company, Local Defense

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