List of summits and ridges of Rabun County, Georgia

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This is a list of summits and ridge highpoints in Rabun County, Georgia with elevations greater than 2,800 feet (850 m).

Note: ^Marked elevations have been estimated from topographic maps.

Feature Type USGS Topo Map Elevation
Rabun Bald summit Rabun Bald 4696 feet
Dick's Knob summit Hightower Bald 4600 feet
Grassy Ridge ridge Dillard 4406 feet
Unnamed peak summit Rabun Bald 4400^ feet[1]
Flint Knob summit Rabun Bald 4240 feet
Steeltrap Knob summit Hightower Bald 4160 feet
Flat Top summit Rabun Bald 4142 feet
Alex Mountain summit Rabun Bald 4080 feet
Wolf Knob summit Dillard 3979 feet
Fodderstack summit Rabun Bald 3960 feet
Dismal Knob summit Macedonia 3920 feet
Ford Mountain summit Rabun Bald 3920 feet
Chestnut Mountain summit Hightower Bald 3883 feet
Whiteoak Stomp summit Macedonia 3880 feet
Powell Mountain summit Macedonia 3840 feet
Oakey Mountain summit Rabun Bald 3826 feet
Penson Knob summit Dillard 3800 feet
Gulf Knob summit Dillard 3760 feet
Scaly Knob summit Dillard 3750 feet
Buzzard Knob summit Hightower Bald 3720 feet
Rattlesnake Knob summit Rabun Bald 3720 feet
Rock Ridge ridge Rabun Bald 3720^ feet
Double Knob summit Rabun Bald 3684 feet
Blacks Creek Knob summit Rabun Bald 3680 feet
Rock Mountain summit Rabun Bald 3680 feet
Glade Mountain summit Satolah 3672 feet
Blackrock Mountain summit Dillard 3640 feet
Unnamed peak ridge Hightower Bald 3640^ feet[2]
Queen Mine Knob summit Dillard 3615 feet
Unnamed peak ridge TrayMountain 3600^ feet[3]
Cedar Kno summit Dillard 3545 feet
Double Knob(east) summit Dillard 3545 feet
Big Face summit Dillard 3541 feet
Almond Bald summit Dillard 3520^ feet
Black Mountain summit Hightower Bald 3480 feet
Parks Mountain summit Hightower Bald 3480 feet
Wilson Knob summit Rabun Bald 3480 feet
Redside Mountain summit Satolah 3460 feet
Glassy Mountain summit Lake Burton 3440 feet
Little Bald Knob summit Hightower Bald 3440 feet
Ledford Mountain summit Dillard 3440 feet
Ben Mountain summit Rabun Bald 3400 feet
Double Knob(west) summit Rabun Bald 3361 feet
Towns Mountain summit Hightower Bald 3360 feet
Cedar Cliff Knob summit Hightower Bald 3320 feet
Rocky Knob summit Dillard 3320^ feet
Raven Knob summit Rabun Bald 3318 feet
Drip Nose Mountain summit Satolah 3310 feet
Rocky Knob summit Rabun Bald 3304 feet
Chestnut Knob summit Hightower Bald 3280 feet
Chestnut Mountain summit Rabun Bald 3270 feet
Elisha Mountain summit Dillard 3250 feet
Keener Mountain summit Dillard 3249 feet
Billy Mountain summit Dillard 3243 feet
Muley Mountain summit Lake Burton 3241 feet
Hale Ridge ridge Rabun Bald 3240^ feet
Unnamed Peak summit Rabun Bald 3240^ feet[4]
Hellhole Mountain summit Lake Burton 3220 feet
Unnamed peak summit Rabun Bald 3212 feet[5]
Owen Mountain summit Dillard 3205 feet
Marsen Knob summit Dillard 3200 feet
Shook Ridge ridge Hightower Bald 3200^ feet
Lookoff Mountain summit Dillard 3160 feet
Oakey Mountain summit Clarkesville NE 3160 feet
Smokehouse Knob summit Dillard 3160 feet
Straw Mountain summit Hightower Bald 3144 feet
Pinnacle Knob summit Rabun Bald 3141 feet
Hog Mountain summit Dillard 3120 feet
Falls Mountain summit Lake Burton 3090 feet
Bill Mountain summit Satolah 3075 feet
Oakey Mountain summit Dillard 3054 feet
Bee Bait Mountain summit Satolah 3045 feet
Pinnacle Knob summit Dillard 3045 feet
Cook Mountain summit Satolah 3040 feet
Poplar Cove Mountain summit Hightower Bald 3040 feet
Scrugg Knob summit Dillard 3040 feet
Joe Mountain summit Tiger 3030 feet
Jones Mountain summit Dillard 3000 feet
Screamer Mountain summit Tiger 3000 feet
Steele Knob summit Dillard 3000 feet
Charlie Mountain summit Lake Burton 2990 feet
Stamp Knob summit Tiger 2970 feet
Edmonds Top summit Dillard 2960 feet
Round Top summit Dillard 2960 feet
Turkey Mountain summit Hightower Bald 2960 feet
Rainy Mountain summit Rainy Mountain 2945 feet
Seals Knob summit Tiger 2894 feet
Rand Mountain summit Satolah 2890 feet
Brown Mountain summit Satolah 2883 feet
Buzzard Rock summit Satolah 2880 feet
Gibbs Mountain summit Satolah 2880 feet
Big Mountain ridge Satolah 2870 feet
Tiger Mountain summit Tiger 2856 feet
Beavert Mountain summit Dillard 2831 feet
Rock Mountain summit Hightower Bald 2824 feet
Stony Mountain summit Tallulah Falls 2820 feet

^Elevations estimated from topographic maps.